The Airlift vacuum column



The technology developed by COLDEP combines the known principle of the airlift and foaming-skimming with a partial vacuum created in a column that multiplies the performance of the observed phenomena in a simple airlift system and brings up new features.

Three key functions

This unique process has three main functions:

  • Water circulation
  • Managementof dissolved gases
  • The separationof suspended solids and liquids

Reliability and exceptional performance

  • Treatment with free passage (without filter) avoids clogging
  • The pressure drop is very low, hence an excellent energy efficiency
  • Energy consumption is very low, usually <2kW
  • A purely physical process that does not commit any additives and causes no rejection in the circuit
  • No moving (wear) or metal (corrosion) parts come into play in the operation of the column , the lifetime of the device is exceptional
  • Sturdy materials and easy maintenance ensure an inexpensive use
  • The system is designed to separate all the electrical device from the column and to store them in a protected environment, ensure further reliability.