Other Applications

Deploying the technology of vacuum columns resulting from the research of the IFREMER and the INSA of Lyon, the COLDEP company is in essence constantly looking for new fields of applications to explore. Thus, the process has already distinguished itself during research projects in many industrial sectors :


 Oil & Gas

 The COLDEP system has proven its effectiveness in various stages of process water management :

  • Treatment of raw seawater before injection :

    • The bubbles associated with the vacuum make it possible to achieve a deoxygenation of the rejected water up to < 30 ppb

    • The micro-bubbles created in the system trap impurities, with a particle extraction efficiency of SDI < 3 without chemical additives.

  • Treatment of process water before re-injection :

    • The extraction function also separates oils up to < 50 ppm and hydrocarbons


Bioremediation of CO2 by microalgae (VASCO2 project)

The COLDEP process allows the VASCO 1,2 (and soon 3) projects to be scaled up to new levels :

  • An agal productivity of up to 25g/m2/d in open ponding

  • The system reduces drying costs by pre concentrating harvested microalgae to 10g/L

  • The VASCO2 project has demonstrated the possibility of bioremediating 160 T/ha/a of CO2

  • The VASCO3 project will aim to surpass the production sequestration records set during VASCO2.




Eff urbains

Urban Effluents

The COLDEP column has been validated as a solution to the challenges of agricultural wastewater reuse in the Life+Biosolware project :

  • The process has demonstrated its ability to remove particles, with concentrated discharges of up to 50 g/L

  • Particle extraction also has a clarifying action, reducing turbidity by 98 %, for a suspended matter concentration < 10 mg/L

  • Pathogens are also extracted, in addition to particles and dissolved organic matter


Industrial effluents

The COLDEP process can treat industrial wastewater to purify certain elements :

  • Iron extraction
  • Clarification of the lexiviates
  • agri food effluents


New applications in the making

Always looking for new challenges for its vacuum column process, COLDEP is interested in the following application areas :


Seawater desalination

The COLDEP system would simplify the pre-treatment steps before desalination by reverse osmosis :

  • The micro-bubbles created in the system trap impurities, with a particle extraction efficiency of SDI < 3
  • The system uses no filters, no supplies, no chemical additives
  • Bacteria and viruses are also trapped
  • Energy cost less than 300 W/h/m3 of treated water.


 And many others ... 












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