Fish Farming


The COLDEP system solves the main technical limitations encountered by recirculating water in fish farms:

  • Decrease in oxygen level
  • Water acidification due to too much dissolved CO2
  • Abundance of small particles <30 microns, which are not captured by conventional filters and reduce the effectiveness of UV treatment
  • Energy cost of solutions implemented to address these issues

Dissolved gas management

Air bubbles associated with the vacuum created at the top of the column can achieve unparalleled efficiency in aeration and degassing:

  • Oxygen levels are kept above 80% saturation
  • More O2 can be injected in the column downflow with 100% dissolution
  • In a single passage of water in the column, the amount of CO2 is decreased by 30%
  • One system can manage the gases produced by a feeding of 50 kg / day
  • Energy consumption is between 5 and 10 W.h / m3 of treated water
 Graphique degazage

Particles Extraction

Micro-bubbles generated in the system trap the particles in suspenson while rising and create a froth at the top of the column. This foam is sucked out with the particles by the vacuum and so extracted:

  • The extracted particles are between 0.3 and 100 microns and aren't trapped by the conventional systems
  • Particles can be extracted continuously or only a few hours a day
  • Energy consumption is between 10 and 15W.h / m3 of treated water

Biological filtering

The latest tests conducted with IFREMER show that on top of particles, the COLDEP system also traps bacteria and viruses:

  • The amount of virus in the water is divided by 100
  • The bacterial load is divided by 1000












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