The COLDEP process solves the main technical limits of water recirculation systems in aquariums :

  • Decrease in the oxygenation level of the water

  • Accumulation of dissolved CO2 in the water

  • Risk of nitrogen supersaturation

  • Abundance of small particles < 30 μm that are not captured by conventional filters, clogging drum filters and reducing the effectiveness of UV treatments

  • Presence of bacteria and viruses in the water

  • Production of off-flavour

  • Energy cost of solutions to these problems


Particle extraction and water clarification

The microbubbles created in the system trap the impurities during their ascent and create a foam at the top of the column. This scum is sucked up by the vacuum with the particles that are trapped in it :

  • Discharged water reaches 97% optical transmittance

  • Turbidity can be reduced to 0 NTU

  • The particles extracted are those between 0.3 and 100μm that are not trapped by conventional systems

  • In addition to the particles, a large proportion of the dissolved organic matter is extracted

  • It is possible to extract continuously or only a few hours a day

  • The energy consumption is between 10 and 15W/m3 of treated water

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Dissolved gas management

The bubbles combined with the vacuum created at the top of the column allow for unparalleled aeration and degassing efficiency :

  • The oxygen level in the water is maintained above 90 % saturation

  • More O2 can be injected into the downflow of the column with 98 % dissolution

  • In a single pass of the water through the column, the amount of CO2 is reduced by 50 %

  • The COLDEP process prevents any risk of nitrogen over-saturation

  • The energy consumption is between 3 and 5 W/m3 of treated water



Particle extraction by the COLDEP system also traps bacteria and viruses :

  • The bacterial load is reduced by 99.9%
  • The quantity of viruses in the water is divided by 1000

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 Professional opinion

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"The COLDEP system was installed in a 200m3 tropical pond, where we had problems with turbidity in the water, despite conventional filtration, and the start of filamentous algae growth due to increased nitrate levels. About a month after commissioning, the effects were largely visible for these two problems. The water transparency was excellent and the algae had completely disappeared."

Dominique Barthelemy

Curator in charge of the living environment

President of the Union of Aquarium Curators (UCA)












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