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Coldep has over 80 systems sold and installed at over 50 sites with commercial potential or high visibility.

These systems are installed mainly in Europe and also in some regions of the world.

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A combination of two VAL600 has been started up last March in the urban aquaponics farm of BIGH in Brussels. The objective of this system is to increase the water quality of a recirculating aquaculture farm for rainbow trout farming.

The COLDEP process acts in two different ways: 

  • By CO₂ stripping and aeration of water 
  • By clarifying water using flottation especially for off-flavours extraction

BIGH is the first aquaponic urban farm built in the heart of the capital and the largest in Europe, all this food activity justifies the nickname of "the belly of brussels"
We thank Gwenn Guillaumie's team for welcoming us !


Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives (CEA)




A combination of a pond and a VAL400 were installed early this year at the microalgae and processing platform of Cadarache Center for Atomic Studies (CEA), to conduct research on microalgae cultures.
This technology is designed for working in the field of bio-sourced sustainable chemistry, biofuels, and environmental services.

We thank Florian Delrue's team for welcoming us!
Synoxis Algae also implemented a Jumbo XL, the CEA has the latest in raceway and photobioreactor technologies.
Synergy is the answer!


VALTM was recently installed at Acipenser Madagascar’s facility by Coldep, Searen’s sister company in Europe. This Acipenser farm is the first and only caviar-producing sturgeon facility in Africa. Acipenser Madagascar is the producer of ROVA CAVIAR MADAGASCAR, one of the most desired brands of caviar in the world. It is located in and near the rain-fed Mantasoa lake, surrounded by forest. Acipenser Madagascar takes honor in using a sustainable approach to manage their fish farm.

The VALTM was installed to improve water clarity and enhance the production of exceptional caviar. The VALTM extracts microorganisms and compounds from the water granting a positive impact on the health of the sturgeon and the flavor of the caviar. Visit our most recent blog post to learn more at






Microalgae to treat industrial pollution in Fos-sur-mer


The aim of the Vasco 2 project is to recover the CO2 emitted by the industrial companies on the Fos-sur-Mer site by cultivating marine microalgae.

These microalgae are transformed to provide raw materials refined according to petrochemical processes adapted to address the biosourced chemistry markets." alt="page5image3834976928" width="206.000000" height="1.000000" />

The Vasco 2 project is supported by the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille in association with industrialists from Fos : Solamat Merex, KemOne, Arcelor Mittal, LyondellBasell, SMEs such as Coldep, Heliopur.

Technologies and Inovertis, research laboratories such as CEA Cadarache and Grenoble, Ifremer and finally the Ouest Provence new agglomeration union.

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Bientôt du carburant à partir des fumées des usines de Fos ?

Reportage : quand les algues offrent une autre vie aux fumées industrielles

Bernardini en Chine pour promouvoir la ZIP de Fos

A Fos le projet Vasco 2 crée du carburant à partir de microalgues

Vasco 2. Des microalgues pour recycler la pollution de Fos

Grand Port de Marseille-Fos : des fumées industrielles pour faire pousser des algues

Un projet de valorisation des fumées industrielles au Grand port de Marseille-Fos





Reuse of wastewater for agriculture


The main objective is the validation of an innovative, efficient and competitive wastewater treatment system based on Bio-Solar Purification (BSP) technology.

Biological phenomena and the action of the sun make it possible to reuse more than 80 % of the treated water while allowing the recovery of organic waste and greenhouse gases previously produced.

The construction of the demonstrator was completed in October 2015 : 960 metres of transparent tubes were installed for the reuse of almost 50 cubic metres per day for agriculture.

Water circulation is provided by two airlift columns supplied by Coldep.

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Site Internet Life Project Biosol Water Recycling

CENTA acoge la 5ª reunión técnica del proyecto LIFE-BioSolWaRe

Projet LIFE BioSol Water Recycling : vainqueur du Concours d’innovation de l’IWA





MeDITERA, a new platform for sustainable aquaculture

Inaugurated in October 2015 at the Ifremer station in Palavas-les-Flots, these scientific and technical infrastructures in aquaculture, unique in Europe, are fully equipped by COLDEP.

Six thousand square metres dedicated to the aquaculture of present and future

The platform is now enriched with 4,000 m2 of renovated covered experimental infrastructures and 2,000 m2 of new outdoor platforms for the production of marine micro-algae in open fields. This marine infrastructure, named MeDITERA (Mutualisation Des Infrastructures Aquacoles Régionales), allows for the intensification of cooperation between the economic world, research and teaching, by federating them around a high-performance tool." alt="page10image3835024928" width="206.000000" height="1.000000" />

The aim ? To experiment with new approaches to aquaculture processes and to develop research in areas of high scientific interest:

  • Bio-remediation of livestock waste and its use in animal feed

  • Marine biotechnology

  • Ecotoxicology

  • Ethology

    While consolidating cooperation with the development and industrial sectors: Total, Seaman, Coldep.

    To meet the food challenges of the future through sustainable aquaculture by improving farming processes and products, while respecting consumer safety, animal welfare and the environment.

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  Dossier de presse MeDITERA 

  Inauguration des nouvelles infrastructures MeDITERA à la station Ifremer de Palavas